Important Announcement from the IRS:
Tax Filing Season Starts January 23, 2015


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Our desktop software is built based on the needs of busy tax offices that specialize in providing their clients with fast and accurate tax returns.With industry-leading tools such as TextLink™ technology, and support for electronic signature pads and hand-held scanners, you are able to process tax returns more quickly and accurately than ever before.

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A team of industry experts and savvy entrepreneurs passionate about reinventing the tax-related bank product industry. Our mission is to help tax professionals serve underbanked individuals and families nationwide. The team that makes up Refundo brings more than 25 years of both tax preparation and financial expertise, it’s safe to say this isn’t our first rodeo.

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Tax Products Group, LLC

Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) was established in 2010 upon purchasing the Tax Products Group of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. Building on a legacy of over 20 years of industry leadership, TPG, in cooperation with its banking partners, offers quality financial products to the e-file industry that satisfy consumers’ needs, are priced fairly and provide true value.


Refund Advantage

Refund Advantage Tax Refund Services was built with the tax professional in mind. Our bank product program allows tax professionals like you to diversify business and compete with the national chains. Our management team has been involved in the tax refund servicing side of the e-file industry since 1989.



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Save Time and Improve Efficiency with Electronic Signature Pads

Improve Your Office Efficiency

With support for Topaz Electronic Signature Pads, professional tax offices are able to improve efficiency and save time by meeting government disclosure requirements, minimizing errors, and moving towards a paperless office.

Save Time With Each Return
With Topaz Systems’ robust software, the taxpayer’s signature is securely bound to the document for which it was intended, reducing tax preparation time by up to eight minutes per return and allowing you to prepare more returns in less time.

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Electronically Scan & Store Taxpayer Documents and Information

Easy to Use

Scan and Store is a simple process that your tax office will be up-to-speed and using in minutes – with minimal training.

With Scan & Store, you can:
- Scan and store taxpayer source documents
- Capture valid forms of taxpayer identification
- Take a photo of the taxpayer for quick and easy identification

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Efficiently Communicate With Your Client Using Text Messaging

The Benefits of Text Messaging

Utilizing Short Messaging Services (SMS), more commonly known as “text messaging,” you are able to communicate with taxpayer clients by sending a text message directly to their cell phones.

Improve efficiency by communicating with clients via text messaging. Send a text message to taxpayer cell phones directly from our professional tax software. You can:

- Notify taxpayers, either individually or as a group, that their checks are ready.
- Save on costs by eliminating the need for staff dedicated to contacting customers.
- Customize and track sent messages.

The text messaging feature includes two options:

- Standard text messaging feature that is available to all customers at no additional cost.
- Enhanced text messaging with no limitations to the quantity or frequency of text messages at an additional cost.


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